New Beginnings

More than seven years ago, Jessica Poppe and Malory Teegarden had a bright idea which gave birth to a group of professional birth workers.  This group would bolster the work of local central Illinois doulas in what they do best: supporting women and their families.  The group was also established to support area mothers by providing online and in person education surrounding birth rights and options.  We thank Jessica and Malory for starting such an amazing group that has impacted the lives of countless people as their families grew!  Your efforts and work have pioneered the way for families to become educated and for birth workers to become empowered.

Shared Encounter
This past year, many of the doulas that had been members of Doulas Etc. found their paths diversifying in the birth related fields.  This is an incredible thing for Central Illinois! The doulas that had been supported by Doulas Etc. for many years were ready to take on new roles supporting women.  A new Birth Center opened in Bloomington taking the originator of Doulas Etc., Jessica Poppe, to a new path in helping manage the facility.  Malory Teegarden, co-creator, has been continuing to support women in birth and postpartum.  

Raised Expectations
These two women gave support and knowledge of choices for birth to hundreds of women in the Central Illinois area.  Their work to begin a collaboration with local area birth professionals has impacted the area tremendously.  

Continued Support
Some members that had joined Doulas Etc. have also changed roles as they continue to serve expectant women and their families including Hannah Landis, Krystal Uppole, Emily Dalhoff, and Angie Detwiler.  These women are a great support and provide a well rounded network for Doulas Etc.!  

Introducing the new Doulas Etc.
So now, as everyone lands in their new roles, so too does Doulas Etc.  Five women announce their status as part of the Doulas Etc. Collective.  We have continued to provide doula support, birth photography/videography, childbirth education and placenta encapsulation to women in the Central Illinois region.  We will carry on the tradition started by Jessica and Malory by providing online and in person support for women and families.  

We believe women are strong, birth is beautiful and families are supported best through relationships and individualized care.  We are committed to being a local resource for families who are seeking support and education prenatally, during birth and in their postpartum.  Central Illinois you are well supported!