What is a Doula?

Birth can be an uncertain time; we don't know when labor will start, how long it will last or how our labor will progress. Birth doulas support you and your partner by helping you prepare for labor during prenatal visits, being on-call to answer your questions in early labor and join you in active labor to support you physically and emotionally. We will teach you comfort measures to manage the waves of labor, make sure you and your partner remember to eat and rest, guide you in different positions for labor and delivery. We will support you so you can focus on bringing your baby into the world.

The key to finding the right doula is finding the right match. Being welcomed into your birth space is an honor and we want you to be comfortable with our presence. We each have specific areas of expertise and collaborate to make sure you get the care you need and we are happy to help you find the doula that is just right for you. We do not share on call time, but we do back-up for one another if more than one client goes into labor at the same time. We operate our own individual businesses and you will work directly with the doula you choose to hire.  You can utilize the other doulas as extra resources if you need them. 

Get to know us below, find more info on our personal websites or hop over to the Doula Support tab to learn more about our additional services!

Shannon Bacus Lincoln, IL

Shannon Bacus

Shannon grew up right here in the heart of Central IL but hasn't always stayed put. From Indiana to Africa to Missouri, she has planted roots as she's moved. She is the best of both worlds - a dreamer who loves to get stuff done. She spends her days taking care of her three little ones and loves spending time with her husband, laughing and drinking delicious craft beers. Her home is a place of warmth, beauty and comfort which reflects her personality and care. Empowering women with options through one-on-one consults, educating families on their choices for birth and supporting women during their birth and postpartum brings her great fulfillment!

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Jessica Worland Bloomington, IL Birth Doula

Jessica Worland

Born and raised in KY, Jessica is a southern girl who loves her tea sweet and her bourbon on the rocks. Her passion for birth has taken her to the Philippines and India where she partnered with community health workers to improve maternal and child health in rural areas. A background in Anthropology and Master's in Public Health has given her an appreciation for the differences between each family and finding what is unique and special to your journey. Currently, Jessica teaches childbirth classes at the Birth Center of Bloomington and offers birth photography as an add-on to her doula services to help clients remember their birth experience. In her free time Jessica enjoys dance parties with her two crazy little ones and awesome husband Chris!

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Marcia Mattern Peoria, IL

Marcia Mattern

Marcia is a country girl at heart who loves to spend time exploring the outdoors with her six kiddos. Her home is filled with music and art and she always has a stack of books on her nightstand. She is always teaching whether its homeschooling her tribe, using her Dietetics degree to help people take care of themselves or working with her clients to prepare for birth. Marcia truly loves people, wants to see them thrive and pours her heart and soul into the families she serves. She also provides a safe place for women to share their birth stories as the host of the Birth Circle at Peoria's OSF St. Francis Breastfeeding Resource Center on the first Thursday of every month.

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