Placenta Encapsulation

Mothers who encapsulate their placenta report a more positive and healthier postpartum! Capsules have been reported to help naturally balance hormones, increase milk production, replenish lost iron, stabilize your mood and assist in preventing baby blues. Doulas Etc. has an APPA certified encapsulation specialist who serves mothers across Central IL. You can contact Shannon directly or fill out our contact form to see who has availability open near your due date.

Birth Circle

The Birth Circle in Peoria is a safe place to share your birth story and hear from other mothers. Women at any stage of their journey-- trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, experiencing loss or just interested in birth are welcome to attend. Come find your tribe of women to laugh, cry and lift one another up as mamas. Every month gives you a chance to process your birth or births you have attended. Every other month we have a guest speaker to share how they uniquely process birth.  Speakers planned have spoken on birth art, birth photography, prenatal loss processing through talk and art, choosing a provider. Mark your calendar for the First Thursday of every month 7-8:30 pm at OSF Breastfeeding Resource Center in Peoria.