Birth Planning Consultations

This is a great option for those looking for information and guidance on their journey but not sure about having a doula at their birth. Get coffee with Shannon and pick her brain for two hours, talk about your expectations, ask questions and prepare for an experience you will carry with you throughout life. You will get a kit designed to help you be confident in your choices, know what to anticipate, and help you evaluate your expectations for your birth!

Christian Childbirth Education

This unique childbirth class combines all the practical aspects of childbirth with faith in the Lord through this special time! A quality, evidence based and holistic childbirth education course that will prepare you for your labor and birth. Become informed about your body, your birth, and caring for your baby through the unique lens of scripture. The workshops are offered privately to couples or in group settings.  Private classes are offered over a period of 6 weeks with families meeting for 2 hours each week.  The group classes are offered by Shannon in Lincoln, IL as 2 day intensives equaling 12 instructional hours (9am-4:30pm, two consecutive Saturdays). 

Preparing For Birth 

Preparing for Birth is a three week class hosted at the Bloomington Birth Center and taught by our very own Jessica. The class covers common childbirth education topics including the stages of labor, comfort measures, interventions, postpartum recovery, newborn care and the basics of breastfeeding. Time is set aside to discuss birth preferences and fears with your partner, practice comfort measures and breastfeeding basics so you are equipped with knowledge and tools for your birth.